Liiv Residences Pasir Panjang Road West Coast LCT Land

Liiv Residences Pasir Panjang Road West Coast Vale by developer LCT Land. Near to National University of Singapore and West Coast Park

West Coast Park Near to Liiv Residences Condo

West Coast Park is a large regional Park. It is located in the west side of Singapore close to Liiv Residences. Liiv Residences is a new development located at Pasir Panjang Road. West Coast Park is then mean Park located in the west side of Singapore that allow residents living around Pasir Panjang and West Coast area to get together after work.

West Coast Park Beside Liiv Residences

Playgrounds are other good place for children to get some outdoor activities and West Coast Park presents an opportunity for children to have some outdoor fun of the their school. 1st was part playground consists of 6 playgrounds and play zones and is a huge team for West Coast. There is the pyramid play zone, which features are towering climbing pyramid. There are safety features in the towering climbing pyramid and parents has no cause of concern over reading when the children are using the towering climbing pyramid. West Coast Park is right beside Liiv Residences Condo by LCT Land

Different Playgrounds at Liiv Residences Condo

Besides the towering climbing pyramid there is also the zip line play zone where your children can hang freely at the zip line play zone and slight freely across the sandy playground. There is also area jumpy platform where children can hold their balancing skills across sandy playground. This playgrounds are covered by natural shades such as trees and penalties which provide a relaxing and cooling and was here for the children to run about and have some outdoor activities. For children prefers swings, there is a Viking Ship play structure.

Getting to West Coast Park

For families with younger kids. There is a toddler play area where there are safety features and structures that invoke the senses. The thematic playgrounds for families and friends are gathering spot for their children. West Coast playground also offers a Macdonald as a place to relax and have a new after the outdoor activities. West Coast Park is located near to Clementi MRT station and a short bus ride is required to reach the place.

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